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Upgrade your international service with national calls, texts and data

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Fair Pay As You Go rates to Indonesia
4.3¢ /min
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Why should you join Tello?

One mobile service for US & abroad
Mix your US plan with Pay As You Go credit to call Indonesia or any other country in the world.
No contract, just prepaid
Contracts are outdated. As with TeleponIndonesia, you’re free to stay as long as you like.
No fees whatsoever
No activation fee, no early termination fee, no access fee, no overage fee - you name it, it doesn’t exist.
Flexibility to build your own plan
Adapt your US plan to your needs. Build your own custom plan and upgrade or downgrade it anytime, with no fuss.

Here’s what Tello has to offer

US plans tailored to your needs
Calls, texts and gigs of data in any combination you want. Calls to Canada & Mexico included. Hassle-free monthly renewal, no contract to be tied to, plus upgrade or downgrade anytime you feel like it.
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Fair Pay As You Go rates to Indonesia
4.3¢ /min
Pay by minute or text and enjoy your balance that never expires.
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Phone brands you love
Choose a new phone from our handpicked collection ranging from $29 to $849. Or if you really love your current phone, you can bring it along!
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